Avoid Road Rage

Get notified when traffic dies down so you can avoid traffic & save time.

Track travel time on specific routes

Save time and energy by letting Roadgauge monitor traffic conditions for you and let you know when's a good time to leave

Use on your PC or mobile

Roadgauge is a Progressive Web App and works just as well on PCs and mobile devices.

Add Favorites

Add your favorite places and routes to view current travel time, start tracking & navigate easily from one screen.

Sync data across multiple devices

Optionally login with Facebook (other integrations coming soon) to access your data across multiple devices.

Use without logging in

No login or account creation require to start tracking routes!
1. Push notifications work on PC, Mac & Android, but not yet on iOS. We have a native app in development that will enable notifications on iOS as well.
A software that was created to help people avoid traffic.
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